Bored ako at mejo naiinis sa nangyari. Para mawala ang pagkayamot ko nag basa basa ako sa net regarding kung ano ang sikat na posisyon ( maliban sa pagiging First Gentleman) Anyway mga manoy at mga manay hope sana makatulong to sa inyo steamy session ng partner niyo.

Von voyage…. ( balitaan niyo na lang ako kung tama ito)

 1.Best sex position for better orgasm

a.  modified missionary

b. face-to-face

c. standing from behind.

2. Sexual Positions Women Enjoy Most

a. The  man on top or missionary position

b. The woman on top

c. Reverse cowgirl position (modified woman on top ( dapat nakaliyad ang babae facing away from the man))

d. Rear entry position

e. Side by side, facing each other position

At ang panghuli

3. Best sex position

a. batter1.jpg

In this position, woman is the master of the game. Girl can detonate a G-spot sexplosion by leaning back and resting her weight on her hands while riding up and down on his penis.

b. standing1.jpg

Most convinient sex position. Pwede sa lababo, sa counter top, sa table at sa ibabaw ng photo-copier- you’re spread-eagled on a table while the man faces the girl to thrust from the front – creates megaheat in a minimal amount of time. Guy sure to come quickly because he plunges deep.

c. cat.JPG

Missionary doesn’t always make you quake. But a non-acrobatic modified version can give you the romantic connection while delivering an amazing orgasm . The man slides two to four inches forward from the typical missionary position. Rather than resting on his elbows, his arms should cup the girl’s  shoulders so his body falls flat against  the girl’s body. Both of your spines should be straight.  And the base of his penis should naturally rub girl’s clitoris.

d. doggy.jpg

The best ever position to stimulate the girl’s G-spot. Guy can also caress the nape of girl’s neck, breasts, or wherever else girl’s like.



There’s not a whole lot of motion – that’s why it delays climax. But it’s perfect for erotic embraces and intimate eye contact. A couple can feel very close when they’re facing each other in this position. This kind of incredible emotional ecstasy that makes you laugh, cry, and come all at the same time


The key to taking wing with our revolutionary position is lining up correctly with  man: Find a place – maybe your bed (if it’s a high one) or a desk, counter, or even the hood of a car – where the girl’s pelvis is about one foot lower than man’s. Lie back while the guy stands in front of the girl. (Tip: He might be able to kneel if your bed is superlow.) Then lift the girl’s legs and rest girl’s feet on guys shoulders. Now, throw in the Cosmo Superlift: Tilt the girl’s pelvis upward so that the girl’s back forms a straight line angling up toward the guy and both crotches meet. Put guy hands just under the girl’s hips so he can hold the girl’s booty at the perfect angle while the guy thrusts (and the girlbdon’t have to worry about flexing her abs to keep things inline). Why does this feel so great?

The pelvic tilt gives his penis better access to your G-spot and builds in more friction for both of you

source: Cosmopolitan